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free tarot card deckDownload this free tarot card deck here. This first free deck of tarot cards online is a Rider Waite tarot deck: simple images with lots of details in the background revealing lots of symbolism in the meaning of tarot cards.


You can find much more free tarot cards on our site, but since Rider Waite is the most popular deck of tarot cards in the English speaking world, we believe everybody should get the chance to download these first.


tarot cards de marseilleThe Rider Waite Tarot Deck is also known as Rider-Waite-Smith, Waite-Smith, Waite-Colman Smith or "the Rider deck".


If you were looking in French, we should have put the Tarot de Marseille cards here for you maybe? Just ask in a comment!


Rider Waite Tarot Deck name


The Rider Waite Tarot Deck got it’s name from its publisher: the Rider Company. This deck of tarot cards was originally published in December 1909.


Colman Smith is the name of the artist Pamela Colman Smith who drew the deck of tarot cards. The 56 minor arcana cards that follow the first 22 major arcana cards are also fully illustrated by Pamela. Today’s playing cards stem from these minor arcana cards.


Waite is the academic and mystic who gave the instructions to Pamela Colman Smith how to draw these tarot playing cards.


Waite took the Christian images out of the tarot cards. For example he changed the female pope, the "Popess" to the "High Priestess".


free tarot card desk



Same meaning different tarot cards


The Rider Waite Tarot Deck has developed in many ‘Rider-Waite clones‘ which meaning is easily read by those familiar with the original deck. Some of these Rider Waite Tarot Decks are:


  • Universal Waite Tarot Deck
     universal waite tarot card deck
  • Golden Tarot
    golden tarot card deck 
  • Aquarian Tarot Deck
    aquarian tarot card deck
  • Nigel Jackson Tarot
    nigel jackson tarot card desk 
  • Gilded Tarot
    gilded tarot card deck 
  • Golden Rider
    golden rider tarot card deck 


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